& the Likes

A Providence, RI based songwriter creating a dreamscape with shimmering guitars and hazy vocal delivery. Shades of Lou Reed and Kurt Vile persist with a familiar allure.

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Divey & The Likes, or just Divey, are a rapidly growing presence in the Providence indie rock scene. Helmed by frontman Alexander Garzone, the band has a remarkable ability to bring the sensibilities of lofi bedroom pop to the stage, creating a dreamlike atmosphere at their shows. Recently, Divey released their newest album, Slugger. Featuring eight slices of chill, melodic pop, the album stands in stark contrast to the far heavier music that often pervades the Providence music scene.” - Jack Downey


US artist captures some dreamy vibes on this warm and breezy indie-rock groove [New Tattoo]” - Chris Bound

Mystic Sons